How Can KB Consulting Help Your Business?

Wouldn’t you like to build a more valuable business, increase sales, and maximize profits using proven marketing strategies? KB Consulting untangles the web of complex pricing and operational concerns for small businesses who want to boost profits and stay in business for the long term. Clients who work with KB Consulting are able to take their businesses to the next level with custom approaches built around their specific needs and opportunities. We bring clarity to evaluating pricing and profitability, and provide step-by-step programs to help companies break through barriers that inhibit growth. Business owners discover how their pricing integrates with all aspects of the business, including operations, marketing, sales, customer service and employee management. Click on the red dots below to learn more about some of our services.

kb consulting can grow your company

Training Manual

Own A Small Business? Want A Life?

KB Consulting can help you automate your business.

Get your new framing employees Trained in 30 Days with this guide to training successful new sales team members. Train a new member to become a professional designer, capable of satisfying your customers in every aspect of your business. Our manual gives you progress checklists, training exercises and a day-by-day detailed program for building success through others. It includes ideas on how to train new hires, test progress, and teach design. If you want to grow your business and still have a life, the answers are right here.