2016 West Coast Art & Frame Show

Ken’s Seminar Schedule

Hard to believe, but the 2016 West Coast Art and Frame Show is just around the corner! If you haven’t registered, do it now, as classes are already filling up. Click here to view the schedule of KB Consulting WCAF seminars.

There are some very nice changes to the conference this year. First, the PPFA has been purchased by Hobby Publications, the same people who put together WCAF every year. That means PPFA will now have great sponsorship in the shows and conferences they produce. This should bring some new opportunities for additional classes and smaller conference venues. Next, the 2016 WCAF is introducing many new speakers and classes, so if you’re looking for new ideas, they are here.

KB Consulting is also joining in with several new classes. I will team teach with Greg Perkins for the first time in a class called Left Meets Right – it Takes Your Whole Brain to do Business. Here’s the class details:

The left side of the human brain controls logic and is analytical and detail oriented. The right side is more imaginative, creative,and free-spirited. A Left Brainer may be better suited to operate a business while a Right Brainer is often more adept at the creative aspects of frame design. No matter which side is dominant, it takes both to run a successful framing operation and to interact with customers of both types. Greg and Ken will share how to achieve success from left and right brain viewpoints. This course will be fun, energetic, and interactive. You will walk away with new ways to think about your business.

I’ll be partnering again with Meg Glasgow as we continue to share our findings from the projects we do with Tru-Vue’s Retail Makeover contests.

I’ll also do a brand new solo class called Building Equity in Your Business: 

Whether you’re looking to sell your shop, plan for the future, or focus on building a valuable business, this seminar is for you. Walk through the steps of how a prospective buyer evaluates your business– a tool that’s valuable whether you’re selling your business or not. Find out how to fine-tune all aspects of your company, from practices and procedures to employee manuals. You will learn how to perfect the process so your business will practically run itself. Learn the simple method of putting a value on your business, including the three elements essential to creating equity in your shop.

Finally, I’ll teach a couple of my favorites again. How to Make Money in Custom Framing and Building the Perfect Team which is based on the story of my professional career as I learned lessons the hard way. In case you’re not counting, that’s five classes so I’ll be having fun and keeping busy.

As always, we will have manuals and CD’s for sale in each of the seminars so what you learned in Vegas doesn’t have to stay in Vegas. I hope to see you there. Please stop by and say hello.

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