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The goal for the KB Consulting site is this- to offer ideas and programs that framers will find useful in growing their business. As they use these programs, I know they will find ways to improve them, and hopefully they will share those improvements so that I can continue to pass along ideas that make us all better at building business. Thanks to Kirstie Bennett, owner of The Framer’s Workshop, the ideas for improvement have already begun!

In our free guide to e-marketing, we offer tips for building client-focused content. The advantage of content that focuses on the client instead of our businesses is that people are more interested in reading stories about themselves and others than reading about business. When they enjoy reading what you post, they visit your site more often.

We talk about posting the pictures of clients picking up their projects, and having them tell their story about why they framed. This has been a very effective way to build website visits because clients enjoy seeing themselves on the site and enjoy reading these stories.

Kirstie has found a way to improve this idea. She uses these stories on her business Facebook page, which makes it easy for clients to pass them around to friends and family. She’s even begun “tagging” the pictures to make them easy for others to find. This concepts works perfectly with Facebook, making it easier to spread “free advertising” for her company.

Great idea Kirstie. Thank you for passing it along to help improve this program!


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