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A couple weeks ago we spent some time with friends. As always, they were great hosts, so we decided to send them some flowers as a thank you.

We were told the flowers would be delivered the day we left or perhaps the next day. Since we hadn’t heard from our friends after the first day, we decided to call the flower shop to be sure they were being delivered. Suddenly, we remembered that our hosts were to be leaving themselves the following day for a vacation. Obviously, fresh flowers would no longer be a great gift.

Upon calling the floral shop, we learned that our order was completed and out for delivery. We mentioned that we had made a mistake by not waiting for our friends to return from vacation before sending the flowers, but realized that the order had been filled and we would live with our mistake.

Thirty minutes later, as we were driving to our next destination, we received a text from the floral company. They had decided that our situation was not ideal, so they replaced the arrangement we had ordered with a large and beautiful potted plant that would be enjoyed well after our friends returned home!

Obviously, the floral shop lost any profit they would have made because the original order had already been completed and then at no charge they replaced it with the plant. Amazing, since we had not even requested that they do something like that. Even more amazing because we were first time customers who did not even live in the area!

Sometimes I hear about shop owners resenting the inconveniences or hurdles that clients place on them. Some even boast about firing customers. I’ve always believed that retaining clients by doing whatever they need is best – even when it could cost the profit being made on a sale. This floral shop owner understood a very important aspect of running a small business: You have the ability to adapt policies and procedures to go above and beyond for your customers. 

In the short run, it could cost you, but in the long run, it will ensure your success. Nice job, Wild Orchid Flower Shop in Urbandale, Iowa!

“You have the ability to adapt policies and procedures to go above and beyond for your customers.”

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  1. Ken, Great example of customer service beyond your expectations. I’ve always said, “Make it easy (and maybe even) fun for me to give you my money.” When I find someone in the field of marketing today that understands that I darn near fall over. I love to ask for “the manager” after finding a great customer service person. If they start to cry because they think they are in trouble, I do assure them that we appreciate their service. Good managers want to hear from the customer but great ones know the person by name and compliment them. Bad managers just don’t understand why you took the time to say something nice about their representative. I just walk away and shake my head in amazement.

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