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An Instant Marketing Success Story

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Overview of the original situation:

The owners of Scott Frame & Art needed consistent marketing

Scott and Jamie McGowen own and operate 3 busy frame shops, which means that it is often difficult for them to find enough time to complete everything necessary to keep the business moving forward. One area where they needed help was creating marketing content that was sent to their customers on a consistent basis.

When they heard about the new Instant Marketing Program being introduced by KB Consulting at last year’s WCAF show, they knew it was their opportunity to add an instant newsletter and social media posts to their marketing program on a monthly basis.

How we met their goals:

The program gave structure to their marketing plan and saved time

It’s been nearly a year since they started the program and they cite its greatest strength as “a huge time saver which generates ideas for communicating to clients and it is also customizable – allowing us to add local content. The structure the program creates and the new ideas it captures have also been valuable.”

With any marketing program, its true value is an ability to capture the attention of the target audience. The McGowens report that their customer social media involvement has grown substantially over the past year and several customers have indicated that the newsletter was the reason for their visit to the shop.

Jamie and Scott want other frame shop owners to know that “unless you have full-time marketing help or enjoy spending long hours creating newsletters, you will benefit from this program. KB Consulting does a great job of putting together a customizable framework which already contains solid content, yet allows for any additions you want to quickly tailor into your own individual message. The Instant Marketing Program is a great tool for your marketing arsenal that will increase awareness and help get clients back through the door!”

The McGowens sum up their first year of the program saying, “you would be hard-pressed to find anyone capable of building a newsletter with this level of framing industry knowledge for this price.”

Thank you Scott and Jamie for using our program! We are excited that it is working for you and appreciate your support!

It’s easier than ever to create great marketing!
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