Building A Brand For Your Business

Your image defines what potential customers think you can do for them.

Your brand – meaning what pops into the public’s mind when they hear the name of your business – is very important to marketing your company. Why? Because customers are overwhelmed by messages from every form of media, and if they have to think about who you are and what benefit your service offers them, you will often be ignored.

A good brand requires consistency in every detail of your company presentation, so that all aspects of your marketing reinforce the image (brand) you want to create. Good branding means choosing the right font, tagline, logo, colors, website content, store displays and much more.

KB Consulting can help you build a stronger brand by:

  • Creating logos and tag lines which promote and support your brand
  • Helping you create social media platforms which strengthen your message
  • Providing marketing programs targeted to those likely to want your products and services
  • Helping monitor marketing results and the return on your investments
  • Providing merchandising and showroom design concepts which reinforce your brand
  • Designing layouts for window messaging and awnings

KB Consulting’s branding programs help you conquer the huge task of brand consistency, which allows potential customers to clearly understand what you can do for them. When you’ve created a strong brand, your marketing will have much more impact and consumers will feel like they know you as an organization. When consumers feel like they know you and can trust you, they will be more likely to purchase from you.

Imagine It Frame branding

KB Consulting, in partnership with Tru Vue®, helped overhaul the brand of Karon’s Frame Center in Port Angeles, WA. As part of the Retail Makeover, the business identity got an entirely new look that enhanced their style while reinforcing their position in the arts community. This included a new company name, logo, exterior styling, window display design, and website. ‘Imagine It Framed’ is more than just a tagline now, it’s a high-end brand.

KB Consulting can help you define your image.