Build A Complete Service First

Increase Revenue with Services, not Products

Many framers want to know what they should add to their framing business to increase revenue. They ask what kind of products they can add to complement their business. The first thing I always ask them is what kind of framing services do they offer?  More often than not, they admit that they don’t offer things like delivery, installation, on-site sales, or business-to-business programs.

It seems to me that services like these should always be considered before expanding into areas that are outside the scope of full service custom framing. Why? Offering everything your clients need to easily frame something should be a common goal. How can you sell large framed art or mirrors if you leave it up to the customer to get it home? It just doesn’t make business sense. How can we expect clients to pay someone else to hang these heavy objects? We can’t– it gets in the way of doing business. If you provide delivery and installation, you make it easy for clients to do business with you. Besides, it adds extra revenue.

If you can’t deliver and install yourself, hire an outside service to do it. Include all charges for these services in the price of  the framing. Eliminate adding all kinds of charges to framing large items and just include it. Make it easy and simple.

In addition to offering delivery and installation, think about creating an aggressive on-site service. This service will create many more opportunities than waiting for clients to come to you. You will  also create better relationships with clients because it allows you to get a better understanding of their needs.

The days of waiting for business to come to you are quickly disappearing. Owning a successful business today means finding every possible way to make it easy for clients to use your service. Before you venture into new ways to build sales, take a close look at your level of service; are you making it as easy as it can be to shop with you? Are you maximizing revenue opportunities as a framer?

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