Building A True Team

Give your team the tools to be successful

Do you need to find more time for:

  • Budgeting and financial forecasting?
  • Marketing and branding?
  • Building customer service?
  • Taking a day off or a vacation?

Does your company have:

  • Frequent employee turnover?
  • Frustration with employee performance?
  • Low morale or indifference?

Transform your business with team building programs from KB Consulting.

Most small business owners never find the time to work ON their business because they are overwhelmed with the task of working FOR their business. This often means that planning for future growth suffers and owners become burned out.

Let Ken help you learn how to change your entire approach to managing others which will dramatically improve the culture of your business and the quality of your life. Giving your team the tools to become successful at their jobs is the key to operating a business which no longer depends on you for success. KB Consulting can help you transform the culture of your business and the quality of your professional life.

Now that this program is in place at Chelsea Frames in New York, President Jaclyn Acker says her team members are more valuable, turnover has been reduced and morale is much higher.

“I learned how to build a hardworking, motivated and efficient team, how to hire and invest in the right people, how to delegate and create accountability resulting in the ability to use my time more effectively…This program is incredibly effective. The greatest compliment I receive today is that my team enjoys working here. They have a sense of ownership and pride for the accomplishments of the company. This program has been the most important thing I have done for my company. Having the support of a strong team has helped the company profits and made it a truly enjoyable place to be for clients, team members and myself.” 

Jaclyn Acker, Chelsea Frames

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Incentive Programs Motivate Teams, Increase Productivity, & Drive Profits

KB Consulting’s result-based pay programs allow you to build and maintain a team which works together to achieve results that cannot be matched by individual performances. Read more about ways we can improve your team motivation.

Building The Perfect Team

Want to learn many of the secrets Ken used to transform his own business? This downloadable seminar will give you many insights into creating your own perfect team. Ken discusses hiring tactics and programs to empower your team to help grow your business. Learn more here »

“Managing others was my biggest hurdle as a business owner. Once I learned that I was not giving my employees what they needed to be successful it changed my business life forever. I changed how I viewed the relationships I had with my team and started to understand the power in working with others and the fulfillment that investing in others brings to my life.”

Ken Baur