Building A More Valuable Company

KB Consulting can help you prepare for a profitable sale of your company

KB Consulting can help you:

  • Establish a fair range of valuation
  • Create a more profitable operating statement
  • Document procedures and policies
  • Create a “turnkey” operation which can be used by others

Are you contemplating retirement or the sale of your company? Your years of hard work and investment must produce an asset which can be sold for maximum value so that someday you can profit on your life’s work. Yet most small businesses today are never sold. Why? Because most of the real value of the company leaves with the owner, who has failed to make the business independently sustainable and therefore far less valuable to someone else.

KB Consulting can help you prepare today for a profitable sale of your company. Ken will walk you through the steps of how a prospective buyer evaluates your business – a tool that’s valuable whether you’re selling your business or not. He’ll fine-tune all aspects of your company, everything from practices and procedures to employee manuals, so your business practically runs itself. Ken can help you put a realistic value on your company so you can build equity and sell profitably.

Small business owners, who work FOR their businesses while ignoring the need to work ON them, will soon find that growth is almost impossible.

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Building Equity Seminar

This short downloadable talk explains some of the tactics we use to help you make your business marketable to prospects. Learn the simple method of how to put a value on your business, including the three key elements essential to creating equity in your business. Available for immediate downloading.

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Building Equity