Communicating With Your Customers

Does Your Message Have Value?

I don’t have to tell you that anyone with an inbox gets more messages that they can read these days. Deciding whose email to open is based totally on the perceived value of that message. Building an effective email newsletter or blog program that subscribers value is increasingly difficult as inboxes get more and more flooded.

Companies whose main contribution is to inform readers of their latest sale very quickly lose their value. Sure, it’s nice to buy something for less than full price, but if that is all they are sending, subscribers quickly stop being interested in their message. But companies who inform, teach and educate about the benefits of their products or teach something about a common area of interest rarely lose the attention of their subscribers. Why? Because they offer something of value without asking for anything in return. They are building a relationship by offering information that is interesting and valuable – so subscribers keep reading what they send. This approach builds trust, because readers don’t feel like their only interest is about what is spent with them. They seem to understand that if subscribers value the contribution they make, then they will reward them with loyalty when it is time to buy more of what they sell.

“Companies that provide a valuable message rarely lose the attention of their email subscribers because they offer something of value without asking for anything in return.”

This strategy avoids making price the main issue in the relationship and creates a larger connection. But relationships built this way take time. It takes numerous messages of value to build a lasting relationship. That is why consistency and a great content are vital to a good marketing program. It’s very hard to create consistent valuable content on a timely basis, yet is so important to growing your followers and building brand loyalty. In fact, by far the number one request of shops seeking my help is growing customers because it takes a lot of hard work and time to develop a value-driven, consistent marketing program.

what if this marketing program was done for you?

Creating valuable messaging sounds hard & time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be.

The KB Instant Promotion Program can help you easily craft the right message for your subscribers. After years of hearing this need from shop owners, KB Consulting has decided to create a new marketing program for custom frame shops. Beginning in 2018, we will offer monthly content for relationship-building newsletters, blogs and social media posts. Each month, you’ll receive informative content to share with your customers, window display ideas to enhance each month’s message, showroom sample ideas, a promotional calendar to help organize your marketing, and lots of exclusive tips and ideas for building customers. This program will give you instant content each month, already formatted to send or easily copied and pasted into your current newsletter template, eliminating the need for you to spend time developing valuable messages that build customer loyalty.

Interested in spending less time on your marketing while being able to offer consistent and valuable content? Make 2018 a year of growing business and finding more customers – we hope you will join us! More details will be announced soon. Contact us for more information.


    • Thank you Marna. We are very excited about bring a program like this to our customers. We’ve been developing it for a long time now and cant wait to begin.

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