Why Your Company Needs a Training Program

Training Framing Designers Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult!

Adding competent staff to your business doesn’t happen by accident. Like all successful programs, training others to serve your customers takes a structured and detailed plan. Here are several ways a training program benefits your company and the people who represent it:

  • Consistency

Training new team members takes a lot of effort and energy. A documented and scripted training program ensures that everyone receives the information they need to be successful in the same manner and sequence. This is vital to building a strong team because it ensures that everyone is exposed to the same information and learns the same thing. The biggest mistake made in small businesses today is hiring experienced new team members and assuming that they understand how you run your business. By exposing everyone to the same training program, you are ensuring that everyone is on the same page and that your customers will receive the same great service and products regardless of who helps them.

  • Confidence

Newly hired people often struggle with how aggressive they should be in their new jobs. A documented training program which certifies their new skills in every area of their job description provides a blueprint of their progress. Proper training programs include constant feedback and ensure that trainees are prepared to perform confidently in every area of responsibility.


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  • Independence

A documented training program minimizes the need for continuous input from management to team members. Documentation of training procedures allows trainees to find their own answers to questions they have, drastically reducing the need to keep asking management for answers to their questions. When your staff has the ability to find their own answers to questions they have, you no longer have to be interrupted to provide them.

  • Time & Money

Turnover of personnel is a huge expense to the company. Most employees leave companies because of frustration and dissatisfaction with their job as a result of not clearly understanding what is expected of them. Retraining new staff places a huge burden on the company and requires a large time investment. A documented training program dramatically reduces the chances of good people leaving because of frustration, but it also shines a light on trainees who will not be a proper fit and saves you from investing time and money in unqualified personnel.

Training Manual

Training Manuals Don’t Have To Be A Lot Of Work

Finding the time to document and perfect a training manual is the main reason why small businesses don’t have one. It took my company ten years to perfect a system that provided a day-by-day program for training great custom framing designers. We decided to share that same program with every frame shop so that everyone could experience the benefits of a formalized training program.

Framers asked me all the time how I could spend so much time away from my company and still have a successful framing operation. If you want to grow your business and still have a life, use our customizable Training Manual to help you get started.

Features included in our downloadable training manual:
  • Day-By-Day Training Program Workbook
  • Training Outline Checklist to ensure trainer is prepared before training sessions
  • Weekly Review Questionnaires
  • Certification Status Level Scoresheets to ensure trainee is competent in every area of training
  • A Design Philosophy Program to ensure consistent and proper designs on projects
  • Fully Customizable Formatting so you can easily make changes

“I just started a month ago as a framing consultant/designer at The Studio Shop. We used your manual to help with training which was helpful from time to time, and I can say that I was pretty much fully trained in about 3 weeks. The manual was very helpful, especially when my boss and I came up with our own acronym for the 6 design concepts: SUPERB.”

Katrina Magowan
The Studio Shop, Burlingame CA

training manual sample table of contents

training manual samples

training manual sample day

training manual sample questionnaire

training manual sample checklist


  1. Dear Ken,
    My custom framing shop is in Mexico City
    Unfortunately I will not be able to attend 2018 Art & Frame Show in Las Vegas.
    But I am very interested in getting your downloadable your training manual.

    Is it possible for me to get it from you ?

    Thank you

    • Hi Cecilia,
      Thank you for your interest in the training manual. The manual is now downloadable to other countries. Please just follow the checkout instructions.
      If you have any difficulty let me know.
      Thank you for your support.

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