Consistent, Effective Marketing

The Answer Is Here For 2018

The number one request I receive is for help in growing more customer sales. But the solution is never quick and easy; it demands a tremendous amount of time, creativity and energy to create on-going, effective marketing. Proper marketing is the key to growing business, yet so many custom frame shops have difficulty creating a marketing plan and implementing it month after month. So we did it for you! We are pleased to announce the new KB Consulting Instant Marketing Program.

Why Instant? Because all you have to do is cut & paste the monthly content and send in any form you wish – as an e-newsletter, blog or social media post. Better yet, use this material to create them all! Now there’s no more excuses why you can’t send consistent, effective communication to your customers.

What you will receive each month:

  • Core Content Messages
  • Abbreviated messages for social media posts
  • Monthly promotional calendars to keep you organized
  • Window display ideas
  • Showroom sample ideas
  • Marketing tips to help you grow
  • Quarterly Biz Builders for adding new marketing programs

Sign Up Today!

Reserve Your Exclusive Market

We will give every participant a 30 mile radius of exclusivity. Click here to sign up today and reserve your market! The program begins this February; we expect signups to go fast at the WCAF show, so get a jump on your competition. It’s easier than ever to improve your marketing.

Here’s to a great 2018!


  1. Thank you Ken for this service.

    I have signed up and have received the first month’s package. Have not implimented it yet as we are having some computer problems. It has been nice to hear from Mrs Baur in followup calls too! Cannot wait to get started with email marketting!

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