Emotions and Their Impact on Sales

Linking Positive Feelings with Custom Framing

Neuromarketing is a science that teaches us a lot about the things that influence buying behaviors. Those that study neuromarketing have found that emotions play a big role in determining what we buy.

Buying is heavily influenced by how it makes us feel; that is why so many of the ads we see have to do with tying an emotion to a product. By linking a brand to an emotion, marketers can subliminally cause us to have favorable feelings about their products.

Selling custom framing has many well documented challenges. We all know that it is very hard to find new customers. One thing that works in our advantage is the automatic emotional benefit of selling a product that links to great memories. Think about it – everything we frame has a memory behind it. From collectables to favorite photos to the art we love, there is always a memory and story connected to what is being framed.

The beauty of this is that those memories are tied to strong emotions. Neuromarketing tells us that this creates a favorable buying experience. Encourage your clients to talk about the story behind the art or family photos or memorabilia they are framing, because recounting the great memories they have links those favorable emotions to the framing experience. By allowing the client to relive those emotions, you are increasing their desire to invest in great ways to display what they love.

Because emotions and stories are such strong ways to build a positive brand, you can grow your business by marketing these stories and emotions to prospective clients. Publish the stories about why your clients frame and what those items mean to them. When you share client-focused stories and the emotions connected to them, you are sending a very powerful message about the benefits of custom framing. This is why so many people like to watch and read stories about other people. When you tap into emotional storytelling, you are building a more desirable experience in the minds of your readers.

So continue to embrace the stories your clients have about the items they frame. Those stories unlock powerful emotions that build demand for custom framing. Then publish these stories on your website and social media. Neuomarketing tells us this is a very powerful marketing strategy.

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