Exciting Announcement:

New Informational Series!

I am excited to tell you about a new partnership between KB Consulting and the Tru Vue Company. Tru Vue will be sponsoring a series of KB Consulting videos in 2021, bringing insights into how you can improve your company sales and profits.

In this series, we will share information on many topics, including how to effectively price the labor-intensive parts of custom framing projects and tips on setting up pricing for moulding and matboard. KB Consulting has completed over two hundred pricing and profitability analyses for frame shops throughout America over the past 15 years, providing us with insights and results that will help you create a more profitable pricing strategy. We are excited to share a lot of that information with you over the next several months.

Other videos will cover topics like data collection, setting company goals, and scorekeeping. We will also include information on marketing and ways to reach more customers – all programs which have been proven effective in our industry.

In addition, we will be offering many free tools to help you implement these new tactics. I wish to thank Tru Vue for their continued investment in the growth and prosperity of our industry, especially in these times when access to conferences and live events are very limited.

All videos will be posted to Tru Vue’s website and the Tru Vue YouTube channel. KB Consulting’s website will also feature each video.

Pricing Analysis

Need to be sure your pricing is correct for 2021? Small improvements to your pricing add up to thousands of dollars in the bank each year. In fact, the average shop receives an 8% improvement to cash flow every year following this analysis! Want to find out more? Contact me with this form and I’ll give you a call to discuss the program.

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