Four Tips to Make Sure You Are

Ready for the Holidays

The fourth quarter is here! You will be busier than usual (hopefully much busier) and being prepared can make the difference between a profitable season and a stressful one. Make sure you make it possible for your team and your customers to get the most from your service by using these four tips:

  1. Order In Advance

Get supplies ordered in advance. Nothing derails a production shop faster than running out of basic supplies. You will go through more than usual and so will everyone else ordering from your supplier. Don’t be caught short – even if you don’t use everything by year end, you will always need it next year. Are you gift wrapping projects? Do you have those supplies in house?

  1. Communicate

Communicate with your team. Due dates for projects may need to be extended. Cutoff dates for holiday orders need to be firmly established. What are your holiday hours this year? Make sure everyone is on the same page.

  1. Go BIG

Lots of BIG projects are created this time of year as customers are looking for something special. How will they be handled? Will you deliver them? How can you make it easy for customers to get their big projects home?

  1. Pre-Make Gifts

Pre-make some small projects for last minute gifts. Create some inexpensive framed projects featuring holiday themes that customers can give as gifts or use to decorate for the holidays.

Being organized for your customers and the team makes a huge difference during busy times. Take full advantage by preparing today and have a very happy and profitable holiday season!

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