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KB Consulting Is Your Guide To Profitable Picture Framing

The days of creating a profitable framing business by focusing only on your craft are gone. Being too busy with framing can mean areas vital for success – marketing, pricing strategy, and expense control – can get ignored. We know you’re busy. We know that “giving” you advice about what you “should” be doing isn’t what you need. You need someone with years of industry experience who has created programs based on “what IS working” in today’s changing market. Everything we use in our programs was a part of Ken’s multi-time national award winning framing business. Ken’s programs include his on-going involvement to ensure you accomplish the goals you set. Avoid mistakes and increase profitability with a leader in the industry.

KB Consulting helps you create a profitable return so you can enjoy custom framing. Want to increase sales and maximize profits? We offer several programs for growth & profit designed around innovative marketing strategies. Contact Ken Today!

How Can KB Help You?

  • KB is the partner you need to get the work done
  • KB’s programs have been tried and tested
  • Ken Baur will work WITH you to save time and mistakes

Your pricing determines your profit. KB Consulting can help you determine a profitable pricing strategy customized for your custom framing business. Proper pricing can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. KB Consulting untangles the web of complex pricing, gross margins, and markups. Maximize profits with custom pricing tables for matting, moulding, glazing and more.

Why don’t framers make more art & framing sales to corporate clients? Because their residential sales program do not meet the needs of a business. It takes a special plan to grow B2B sales. KB Consulting can help you create a business – to – business program aimed directly at meeting the art & framing needs of corporate clients.

Ken Baur has written prolifically for industry publications like Picture Framing Magazine. Over the years he has amassed a sizable collection of articles discussing the successful marketing & retailing of frameshops, written from his own experience and that of dozens of framers across the country. This is an amazing resource for framers!

Ken Baur has years of expertise in marketing and running a successful framing business. Learn from his knowledge with informative business seminars, customizable company & training manuals, and free downloadable guides, available at the click of a button!

Instant Marketing Program

No More Worrying About Content!

You know you should be sending monthly communication to your custom framing clients, but who has the time? No more excuses – we have created a comprehensive newsletter that is completely copy & paste! Use our ready-to-go content in your monthly emails, newsletters, blogs and websites – simply cut & paste into any format. You’ll receive monthly core message content, social media posts, sample project ideas, and marketing tips. It’s easier than ever to improve your marketing. Let KB Consulting help you attract and retain customers to your custom framing business. Claim your market now – Sign up today for 30 mile exclusivity »

instant marketing program

Training Manual

Own A Frame Shop? Want A Life?

KB Consulting can help you automate your business.

Get your new framing employees Trained in 30 Days with this guide to training successful new sales team members. Train a new member to become a professional designer, capable of satisfying your customers in every aspect of your business. Our manual gives you progress checklists, training exercises and a day-by-day detailed program for building success through others. It includes ideas on how to train new hires, test progress, and teach design. If you want to grow your business and still have a life, the answers are right here.

Are You As Profitable As You’d Like?

KB Consulting can teach you how to make more money.

If you’re relying on your accountant to know exactly where your business stands, you may be missing out on the bigger picture. Few businesses combine retailing and manufacturing like a frame shop does. Ken will walk you through profit margins, pricing, discount consequences, salary costs, marketing investments, and identify key challenges unique to the framing industry. You’ll find out which important areas make the most impact on your bottom line and what you can do to improve them. Make your business the best it can be by implementing the many practical ideas covered in this session. Download it here!

Make More Money In Custom Framing

“Ken is very knowledgeable in all aspects of the framing industry. His transference of our projections into spreadsheets helped us to see the bigger picture. He gave us recommendations on all facets of our new business, from equipment choices to point of sale and margins. I would highly recommend him whether you are starting a new business or want to improve on your existing business. There is nothing like experience!”

Roz Oserin

The Artist’s Nook

“Ken did exactly what he put in his contract and more. I appreciated the timeliness, compassion to a business owner’s concerns, professionalism, and his honest suggestions. I believe any picture framing business could benefit from the analysis provided by Ken Baur.”

Cindy Callahan

PJ’s Frame-Up