Lifesaver Pricing Program

KB Consulting can remotely set up custom pricing tables in your Lifesaver POS

Welcome, Lifesaver Customers! Pricing your products correctly is vital for creating profit. As a Lifesaver software user, you can customize the pricing tables for just about everything you sell, but how do you know you’re pricing things correctly? The way you price every aspect of your operation and the discounting you offer directly dictates how successful your company will be.

KB Consulting can help you assign the right margins to your moulding, mat, and Tru-Vue glazing pricing tables within Lifesaver. Custom pricing tables are set up within your POS via remote access, so you don’t have to do a thing!

I have studied the anonymous results of millions of projects held in LifeSaver Software’s data base so that we could learn what sizes are most commonly sold, what materials offer the best profit, what the yield and waste actually costs a typical framer and many other results which influence profits.

Because of LifeSaver’s data and their willingness to use it as an investment in our industry, I now have the ability to provide framers of all volume levels with a profitable pricing strategy designed specifically for their operation. The result is better markups on materials and sizes which bring the most profit and reduced pricing on items which attract the most objections from customers.

Our Lifesaver Pricing Program offers you:

  • Customized pricing that is profitable for your particular business based on your own operating statement
  • Price reduction in areas which attract the most objections
  • Individual pricing tables for moulding, matboard, glazing, mounting and fitting
  • You don’t have to do anything! We’ll place the new pricing tables in your POS via remote access.

“Ken’s Pricing Analysis was overall a great help to my business – in one month my profitability has improved. It has been a painless way to increase prices without customer resistance.”

Marty Smith

Middleton Art & Framing

“I am looking forward to seeing the profitability of my business increase… My sales are up 20% this year, but my COGS is actually down YTD. It is all thanks to you talking me into raising my margins!”

Robin Doherty

The Frame Shoppe

“Gross Margin? Average Ticket? Markups? I have no idea what that means!”

Don’t worry, KB Consulting makes complex pricing terminology easy to understand.
Learn what these terms mean and how they apply to your business by following our step-by-step explanation.

“Ken worked with us to get our pricing structure consistent so that Rockwell’s gross margins are where they need to be. Helping us gain control over such an integral part of the business is no easy task given the numerous variables involved. As we look back, we feel that we now have a much greater sense of control on the front end of our business that was lacking in the past.”

Steve Desloge

Rockwell Art & Framing

Pricing Analysis Case Study

KB Consulting analyzed the operating expenses of Frame Works in Des Moines, IA. A new pricing strategy was created which increased their gross margin to 72% and cashflow by $15,000 per year. Owner Tom Perrine says his experience with KB Consulting helped him build confidence in instituting positive change in his company.

Read the pricing case study »

Tom Perrine of Frame Works

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    “Do you fear the consequences of raising prices? Will lowering prices attract customers? Let’s take a look at the math to see how increasing or decreasing prices affect profits.”

    Read the full article, “Interesting Math For Determining Pricing Increases”

    “Ken went beyond expectations…As a result of his pricing and profitability program I now have a far greater understanding of our pricing structure than I’ve had in 25 years of owning my business. I was able to expand beyond the frame, glass and mat pricing we worked on together and improve the other components of our pricing structure.”

    Jim Brown

    Old Main Gallery & Framing

    “I can’t thank you enough for the new pricing structure you have implemented for us at Corner Framing. It has made a world of difference. I should have done it long ago. Thank you for your special attention and your encouragement as well. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

    Eddy Bowles

    Corner Framing