Selling Framing To Businesses

KB Consulting can help you meet the needs of corporate framing clients

B2B Sales Program Features:

  • Creation of a new brand within your company which business recognize for meeting their needs
  • New ways to create products and services which allow you to meet business client budgets
  • Marketing strategies and tools for attracting business clients
  • Scorekeeping and follow up tools for building repeat sales

Q. Why don’t framers make more sales to corporate clients?
A. Their residential sales program do not meet the needs of a business.

Want to compete in the local business market? Most framing businesses use pricing and service programs designed to attract residential customers. For this reason, opportunities for sales directly to other businesses often are missed. Why? Because businesses have different needs than residential clients – they work on budgets and have far less time to spend on buying your products.

To find opportunities for large volume sales to businesses, you must create programs aimed directly at the needs of business clients. Programs which offer price breaks (without destroying your margins) and complete services like on-site consultation, and delivery or installation are vital to consistently attracting the business market. KB Consulting will help you create a corporate sales structure which meets the needs of businesses and commercial design companies.

KB Consulting’s B2B sales program offers you a way to add new layers of clients to your business in a profitable manner while still maintaining the gross margin your company requires.

VIDEO: Selling Custom Framing To Businesses

Need more custom framing sales opportunities? Catering to the art and framing needs of local businesses can be a great way to supplement sales to residential customers. Many framers find it difficult to generate consistent sales to businesses because they fail to understand the needs of this customer. Businesses operate on tight budgets and have very limited time to spend on things like décor.

If you recognize this and create a service designed to meet the budgets of business clients and provide services like on-site consultations, delivery, installation and art procurement, you can attract this type of business.

Watch this video to learn how to create a marketable program that businesses and commercial designers will be looking for.

“It takes a special plan to grow B2B sales…Your ability to provide other businesses what they need gives you a great opportunity to generate added income.”

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“Ken & I spent valuable time in setting retail prices; Ken’s thinking and experience was invaluable in that process. We learned how to best arrive at quotes for larger volume (commercial) projects. We now put thought behind projecting business to business revenue for the year.”

Lester Smolensky

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