Why Good Things Happen to SOME Businesses

…But Not Others

I just returned from the 2018 WCAF show in Las Vegas! What a great experience, as KB Consulting sold dozens of company and training manuals, seminar recordings, pricing for profit programs, websites, and over 40 Instant Marketing Program subscriptions to framers all over North America. Nearly 300 of you attended my three seminars and the best part was reconnecting with so many past and current clients. Thank you all for such great support.

By far the best part of any show is the opportunity to listen to the updates on your businesses. I’m always so impressed and happy to hear of your successes and consider myself very lucky to have been a part of your business journey.

One thing that jumps out to me when talking to dozens of business owners is that nearly everyone has one of only two distinct outlooks on business (and probably life). The first group blames external reasons on why things have not progressed well for their company. They place the blame on competition, employees, the government, indifferent customers, and lack of money. The other group talks about what THEY have to do to improve business. These people realize that everything is their responsibility and that no one else will make them a success unless they make it happen. What is interesting to me is that most of the people in the second group are the same people who have more successes to share than failures. They seem to be moving forward.

I believe that business leaders who view challenges and disappointments with the understanding that it is their own personal responsibility to fix all the problems they face, have an advantage.  If they need more customers, they build a better marketing program. If their team isn’t representing the company correctly and building relationships with clients, they build an effective training program. If the programs and services they currently offer are not building more business, then they change the business model they are using.

I am not saying that all your business outcomes are in your control. But the truth is that successful people believe that they can influence positive outcomes by accepting responsibility for them and becoming accountable for all results – good and bad. That is why it is so hard to run your own business. No one will ever compliement you for what you do. Your only compliment is found when your customers continue to support your hard work.

Let me know if I can help you improve business in 2018 and we can have one of those great conversations about your success at WCAF 2019!


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