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The Framer’s Advantage

Sometimes it seems like custom framing is too hard a profession. When we hear that only 8 out of 100 people use our service, it can be deflating. It’s the main reason traditional advertising doesn’t work well in our industry– 92% of the general population isn’t interested in hearing our message!

On the other hand, I think we have one huge advantage over most industries. Think about it this way: who enjoys visiting their dentist? Who can’t wait to spend a stimulating afternoon with their accountant or car repair man? In fact, the majority of services or businesses we patronize are not places where we enjoy spending our money.

But the custom framing industry is different. People LOVE what we make for them. In fact, we make it possible for people to enjoy the memories and treasures they love the most! That’s a great environment to work in and we need to make the most of it. Use this positive atmosphere to build business.

HOW? The reason everyone is happy with what we create is that each project represents something special to our clients and special things all have stories attached to them. Learn these stories and then TELL those stories in your marketing. Why? Stories like these inspire others to also create happy memories. They give others ideas on ways to preserve the things they love.

Everyday is a happy one in our galleries. We know that because we hear the stories behind the projects we frame and we are good at using those emotions to create things our clients love. What we aren’t so good at is using the power of these stories to reach others who would love to be happy about things we can create for them.

Keep listening and start sharing. You’ll be amazed at the reaction. Help spread the word and we’ll change those deflating percentages associated with our industry.

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