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How the KB Consulting Instant Marketing Program is Working After Two Years

As we all know, it is not easy to market a custom framing business. Traditional marketing methods can be unsuccessful because about 96% of all potential customers do not use custom framing. Marketing to the mass population is not cost-effective.

Successful framers have learned that using their current customers to find more potential customers is the most effective way to grow. That is because friends and family of current customers often have the same demographics and lifestyles. The key to repeat business and growing new customers is a consistent, client-focused marketing program. Consistency brings familiarity and reminds your customers why they need your service.

Most small business owners find it difficult to be consistent in their marketing. Too many interruptions and many other priorities invade their workdays. That is why we developed the Instant Marketing Program two years ago. The program provides monthly email newsletter content so that framers automatically have a consistent marketing program without having to devote time to creating content.

It took a couple years to judge its effectiveness, but the program is working very well in dozens of shops across the country and in Canada. Recently, we sent out a questionnaire to all of those in the program and I thought it might be helpful to share some feedback from one of the shops who have been using the Instant Marketing Program since it was developed.

Thank you to Mark Hampton of Hampton House Art and Framing for taking the time to comment on how this program is working for his busy shop!

“It took a couple years to judge its effectiveness, but the program is working very well in dozens of shops across the country…”

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Q. Did you produce a newsletter previous to signing up for the Instant Marketing Program (IMP)?

A: “Yes we did, very sporadically and poorly.”

Q. What is the biggest advantage of the IMP?

A: “The biggest advantage has been the ease and speed of being able to cover multiple platforms (blog, e-newsletter, facebook, google my business, etc.) in a very professional manner. There’s no way we would be able to create this level of content in-house.”

Q. How has the IMP helped your business?

A: “I’d say the biggest way this has helped us is from a brand reinforcement perspective. Again, the quality of the content, both visually as well as substantive, is so very professional it really makes us look good. It’s a very monthly small price to pay in order to distinguish ourselves from other local shops.”

Q. Have your sales improved because of the program?

A: “I honestly don’t know (and sort of don’t care) if we’ve made sales due to this program. For me, it’s mostly about getting noticed online. I’m sure the content has brought people in and helped differentiate us from other shops, but again, the importance of looking good online is kind of a big deal to prospective customers.”

Q. What are your customers saying?

A: “We get lots of traction on facebook and our views are seen on google-my business, but the most impressive thing is that other media groups notice our content. We get local digital and print media folks recognizing the quality of what we are putting out. Again though, to me this tool is best used to market to those who are in the decision making process.”

Q. What would you tell others who are considering the program? Anything you’d like to add?

A: “This program is a huge value. It allows the user to show, in many ways, a very well rounded brand image. The content is well written, well thought out and easy to use in a variety of ways. In the google age that we’re in, this program is a no-brainer.”

“I just can’t stress the value of this program enough. We are all so busy earning and retaining customers that often we sacrifice the marketing side of our businesses at the long term cost of increased sales. This has been the single most useful and cost effective marketing tool we have used in the online era.”


Thanks again, Mark, for sharing your experience with this program! I think his last paragraph about how we often sacrifice marketing efforts due to so many demands, reinforces why we created this program. It’s rewarding to see that Mark and many others are finding that to be true.

As we start year three, I encourage you to sign up for the Instant Marketing Program. We now know that it is working very well for many shops and we’d like to share those results with you, too.

“The Instant Marketing Program has been the single most useful and cost effective marketing tool we have used in the online era.”

–Mark Hampton
  Hampton House Art & Framing

instant marketing case tsudy

An Instant Marketing Program Success Story

Scott and Jamie McGowen own and operate 3 busy frame shops, which means that it is often difficult to find the time for marketing. KB Consulting’s Instant Marketing Program gave their marketing plan structure and saved them time.

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