How to Have A Life AND Own A Small Business

Want to have time for other things in your life?

Everyone who has tried to own and operate a small business knows that it can dominate your life. The workload is never ending, the customers always need something and those who work for you need constant direction. So with all that going on, how do you run a successful small business and still have time for other things in life?

The answer is in getting rid of the need for giving constant direction to those on your team. You have a choice between being available to answer every whim of a question your employees have or creating the answers and making them available in advance. By documenting all company policies and procedures you can stop all those daily interruptions and ensure that your team is capable of providing the same great service as you do! That’s right; documentation and training are the absolute answers to getting a life. Once you have recorded all the proper methods of handling business, you can just simply reply “what does the manual say?” when employees ask you for answers to policies and procedures.

But what about the fact that you know more and have had more experience than everyone working for you? The answer is a complete training program, where team members become certified before they are given responsibility to perform tasks and services. After certification, the team member is accountable for the responsibility they have accepted. All you have to do is allow them to be accountable. Of course, this means that you must hold them accountable to the standards and practices they were certified to perform.

Sound simple? It really is if you invest in the right types of manuals. Need help? We’ve already made a company manual and a sales designer training manual for you, complete with testing reviews and certification levels! Just make the changes necessary for your company and keep the rest intact to speed up the process.

Now get ready to schedule that vacation!

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