How to Sell Better Designs & Improve Average Ticket

Demonstrate Your Creative Abilities!

Frame shops known for their design and creative abilities are more profitable and also enjoy a clear advantage in their markets. But how do you establish a reputation for great design and innovative products? Many shops have talented and creative designers, but it is not an evident part of their brand. They are not the “go-to” place for great framing products even though they may have a lot of amazing ability.

Shops that become famous for their designs make it easy for clients to know about their amazing talents because they demonstrate their creative abilities. They stimulate their clients’ desire to invest in great designs by showing great samples. Great design shops show what they can do and demonstrate unique and exciting ideas. They also create samples that feature all of their framing techniques so that they can demonstrate examples of these concepts rather than verbally explain them.

Showing is a much more effective way to convince someone to purchase something than a verbal explanation. The human brain needs to see something demonstrated before it can comprehend the benefit it offers. If you can show someone what the final project will look like, you will be far more effective in building their interest.

Create the ability to show rather than tell

Gallery samples should be viewed as a vital investment to growing sales and average ticket. They are key to building a creative brand. If you create the ability for your team to show rather than tell, you will be much more successful in building a creative brand.

Here is a link to a free guide for sample subjects and creative techniques. Use it to begin transforming your showroom so that it reflects your creative talents and you will see the power of communicating through visuals.

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