How Will You Promote?

Each year the effects of traditional marketing- the old way of doing things becomes less effective for small businesses- especially businesses like custom framing where such a small percentage of the population uses what we create. Why spend the money to promote to the masses when an estimated 92% of them don’t want to hear what you have to say?

Today it takes a lot more creativity and determination to promote a small business who specializes in products for a niche market. It requires a cost efficient plan that allows you use less conventional ways of reaching those who care.

How do you find them? Your best source is the ones who have already found you. They can show you where more business can be found. The customers who use you now also frequent the same restaurants, florists and clubs. They socialize and attend events with people like them. Find out where they go, what they like, what they read, what they attend and you will find more customers. Create incentives for your current customers to talk about you to their friends. Partner with the businesses and organizations they use and it will open the door for opportunity.

The days of placing ads in papers, doing cable TV ads and billboards are rapidly disappearing. In a way, it is something good for the small guy- he is forced to get creative and focus on avenues for finding relationships. The result can be far more rewarding than marketing to the masses ever was.

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