If I Could Change One Thing

It’s been 18 months since I’ve started to officially consult framers. I have to say it’s been a great experience and I’ve developed lots of great relationships. The most consistent thing about doing this is that there is no consistency in the ways small business owners manage their businesses. This isn’t a knock- anyone who is surviving in business today in an industry where only 8% of all shoppers want what they offer, is very good at something.

Usually what framers are really good at is creating and building relationships. If other industries could do what we do in this area their businesses would explode. It’s a bit easier for us- we make people happy with everything we create. When you make people happy, it’s easier to build a relationship. it’s not so easy for many- drilling in the teeth of your clients puts up a big barrier to making people happy about seeing you- dentists battle that everyday, but it’s easier for them to find clients because everyone needs what they do.

This built-in advantage framers have- the ability to make everyone happy and make relationships that last- is the reason why we still have an industry. Without those relationships there would be no reason to pay us for creating an expensive custom product. Without our ability to make everyone look forward to picking up what we create, there would be no reason for us to exist.

The one thing I would change in our industry is our inability to show to others just how much we enhance the lives of those we serve. That’s the key to growing demand from 8% to 10% to 15%. We need to tell others why people come to us and how it makes them feel. When you tell the stories behind the reasons why people frame and let them explain in their own words just how valuable the experience was, you begin to create the desire in others to have the same experience.

It’s that easy. People want to have enjoyable experiences. Framers ALWAYS provide enjoyable experiences. Resist the urge to tell people how great your business is and start relaying the great stories your clients have about why they frame. Do this consistently and you will begin to connect with people who never understood the value of custom framing.

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  1. Ken, you hit the nail on the head with this post. Not only do we provide a beautiful custom made product, we preverve memories and create an overall experience in our businesses that the consumer rarely finds elsewhere.

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