Is The Glass Half-Empty of Half-Full?

I’ve Got The Answer Right Here

I feel I must comment on something that people have been saying for years. I’m not close to being the smartest guy out there, but I actually do believe I have the answer to something that for some reason nobody seems able to get – I hope everyone reading this will be convinced that the age-old question has once and for all been answered and therefore should never be posed again.

I’m referring of course to the question “is the glass half empty or half full.” For some reason, people have used this phrase to label others as pessimists or optimists, and I hate that. Whenever someone tells me I have a half empty outlook it really burns me that they are using this phrase as a way to define my outlook on life.

Why? Because the answer IS that the glass is half-empty. In fact it’s a no-brainer. I cant believe it ever became an issue. How do I know? Very simple- people NEVER drink a glass full, they drink it empty. A glass doesn’t start out at the bottom and slowly fill itself up as you drink it. NO! The beverage only goes in one direction DOWN.Therefore a glass with liquid at the half-way level is half way to being finished -not half way to being full.

You may argue that perhaps someone is in the process of filling it. You would be wrong. Filling a glass doesn’t happen slowly, someone pours it full in a couple seconds and then the process of emptying it begins again. At some point unless you are chugging the drink, it becomes half empty again.

Now you know. You no longer have to hang your head in shame when someone declares that you are a “half-empty” type person. Instead you may now look them straight in the eye and say “YES! Now pour me a full one!”

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