Management Programs

Create A Turn-Key Company, Streamline Your Workflow, & Motivate Your Team

KB Consulting untangles the web of complex management and operational concerns for small businesses who want to boost profits and stay in business for the long term. Clients who work with KB Consulting are able to take their businesses to the next level with custom approaches built around their specific needs and opportunities. Our projects begin with a fresh examination of the business, including realistic short-term objectives and long-term goals. The personal touch we bring to every relationship means that clients receive perspective and advice that is tailored to their business. At the conclusion of a project, clients have defined goals and a tangible plan to achieve them. But what many of the business owners we work with appreciate most is the sense of confidence they have in moving forward on their road to success.

KB Consulting can help you transform the culture of your business and the quality of your professional life. Giving your team the tools to become successful at their jobs is the key to operating a business which no longer depends on you for success.

Incentive Programs motivate teams, increase productivity, & drive profits, allowing you to build and maintain a team that works together to achieve results. If you reward the results that build a profitable business, it will be one of the best things you’ve done for your company.

Increasing Production Efficiency can save your company money by improving workflow procedures. Our program analyzes the efficiency of your production workflow and layout, so that workflow is optimized.

Company Manual

Does Your Business Need Direction?

An Easy-To-Use Company Manual Can Help!

Our company manual saves you time by doing the tedious work for you. Get your company policies organized with this easy-to-use company manual that is customizable for your own business. This workbook will help you create a company manual that equips your team with the tools they need to build relationships with your clients. Change the way you & your employees view their time at work!

Give Your Employees The Tools They Need For Success

Learn how in our Seminar, “Building The Perfect Team!”

Learn the secrets for grooming your team for optimal efficiency and dependability. Ken discusses hiring tactics and programs to empower your team to help grow your business. You will learn what it means to lead a team by clearly defining a path, delegating defined responsibilities and creating accountability. Available for immediate downloading!

Building The Perfect Team