Marketing for Success In 2020 and Beyond

Learn the necessary ingredients of good marketing.

Marketing is the act of promoting your business. Even though it is the key to market share and longevity as a business, so many small business owners fail to make it a priority. They place the tasks of operating their business over promoting it. Like any worthwhile activity, consistent and effective marketing only occurs with a plan. Here are some of the necessary ingredients of good marketing:

“Ask yourself: what is the true strength of your company?”

  1. Know what you should be marketing.

If you are not perfectly certain on why shoppers should choose your business over the competition, you will be unable to effectively market your business. You must be absolutely certain of the one particular aspect of your business that benefits your customers beyond the abilities of your competition. If you don’t know what that is, you don’t have a clear brand that separates you from others providing the same products and services. You don’t have to be the best at everything – you only have to be the best at one thing that customers truly value. Once you know what that is, then you never stop telling potential customers about it.

  1. Live up to your brand.

Do everything in your power to provide exactly what you are marketing. Remember, it only needs to be one great thing that customers want, but you must do it without fail. If you do fail, you must make it right with your customers.

  1. Keep talking.

Never take a break from talking about why customers benefit from your business. There is way too much competition for attention out there. Customers are overwhelmed with targeted messages. To be successful in marketing, you must consistently repeat your strength. You will get tired of saying it, but keep saying it. Eventually, clients will start giving your message to friends and family. This will give you a stronger voice. Do everything you can to build more voices that support your message.

Marketing seems to be intimidating to many business owners, but it is one of the simplest parts of running a business. If you know what single benefit you provide better than any of your competitors, your only job is to make sure you provide it and then never stop talking about it.

As you approach 2020, ask yourself what is the true strength of your company – what single benefit do you provide better than any of your competitors? Then talk about it every week in social media, blogs, e-newsletters and ads. I guarantee it will help grow your business this year.

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