Maximizing Your E-Newsletter Program

Making The Most Of Your Monthly Emails

Email marketing interacts directly with people that want your message – that’s why e-newsletters work so well for custom framers. It isn’t enough to stuff your clients’ inboxes with meaningless sales ads. The goal of any good email marketing program is to build relationships. Those who maximize their program add unique customer and community content, and make it a priority to grow their subscriber list.

In January, we began the new KB Consulting Instant Marketing Program. Dozens of custom frames shops immediately joined up and several more have been added over the first few months. This program allows shops to instantly begin consistent monthly contact with newsletter subscribers and social media readers. It eliminates the need to create and plan monthly promotions and even includes a monthly promotional calendar to help you coordinate window and in-store displays.

Whether you are a member of the Instant Marketing Program or are using your own content each month, focusing on your customers and growing your subscribers will help you make the most of your emails.

“Those who maximize their newsletter program add unique customer and community content, and make it a priority to grow their subscriber list.”

Focus On The Client

Custom framing has great stories behind each and every project. Sharing those stories and letting your customers talk about the reasons why they find value in framing their valuable possessions is the very best way to retain and find more customers. Ask customers if they would like to share their stories, snap a quick picture of them with their project, and post it on your website and as part of these newsletters and your social media posts. It’s an amazing way to gain credibility and find new customers looking for a custom framer with happy clients.

Grow Your Subscribers

If you are not using MailChimp as your e-newsletter provider, setting up a free account and starting to distribute content each month is very easy. Just add your subscribers and they will start receiving your newsletters. Do everything you can to add new subscribers by offering signup capability on your website and in your showroom. You can even offer a small discount like $5 off a project to attract more subscribers. If you don’t have a mailing list, send an email to all the customers you have in your point of sale system and ask if they would like to start receiving your monthly newsletters. If they don’t opt out, add their names to your MailChimp list. This is a great way to jumpstart a new program. To read a sample article from our Instant Marketing Program about How To Grow An Email Subscriber List, click here.

instant marketing program samples

Instant Marketing Program

Time to complete everything necessary to growing your business is the most challenging part of a small business owner’s job. Consistent, client-focused marketing is vital to growth, yet so difficult to maintain. That’s why we created this program – to save you valuable time and provide the type of marketing that builds business.

It’s not too late to join the framers who get all their content and themes supplied to them every month. The first month of content is free and you may cancel at the end of your first month for any reason. Sign up today. But don’t take my word for it! Look at what these framers are saying about how the program has helped them.

  • “Thank you sincerely for the valuable marketing tool you have provided for us to promote custom framing and to show why small business matters. We have had great positive feedback from clients regarding these newsletters.”

    MaryAnn in Nova Scotia, Canada
    Instant Marketing Program
  • “I would like to take the time to thank you for a wonderful August Instant Marketing Package!!  Could not have been more timely and great info and colorful images.  I have already have had several contacts about poster framing after the info was posted to our Facebook and Blog.   Have boosted the posting for this weekend and always get a number of jobs from your info.  Thanks again!”

    John Heltman
    Instant Marketing Program
  • “Marketing often feels like it could be another full time job to me, but the Instant Marketing Program is incredibly helpful with my already busy days in the gallery.  It’s well organized and easy to implement.  The content is fantastic with timely ideas and good photos and design I feel proud to present to our customers.  The copy is well written and informative.  I still have the ability to customize the content by adding our logo, editing parts to reflect the ‘voice’ of our gallery and to include photos from projects created by our designers, but – ohmygosh – I also love how easy it is to plug in the pre-designed templates into our mailchimp account!”

    “Last month I really needed help with my ‘to-do’ list; the Instant Marketing Program kept our marketing efforts on track (and kept my stress levels way down!).  In fact, the last marketing email generated a couple positive email replies from our customers who were both impressed with the content and inspired to find their own projects to frame.  It was awesome to know we stood out in our customers inboxes!  I’m excited to have this new tool because our team is able to use it as an inspiring boost in our marketing plans.”

    Mary in NE
    Instant Marketing Program
  • “Simplicity of use… the Instant Marketing Program saves me time and enables me to focus on my current projects because of the simplicity and clarity of the program.

    Consistency… Months tick past faster than any of us care to recognize and before you realize that it is time for a newsletter, the program pops up in your mail box consistently every month. My customers are now paying attention to ‘my’ newsletters because they look forward to the next month’s article. And the variety of subjects and options keeps it fresh and interesting for my readers.”


    Mark in PA
    Instant Marketing Program
  • “I love it! The Instant Marketing program saves us a lot of time & energy.”

    Jennifer in TX
    Instant Marketing Program
  • “I love the Instant Marketing Program ideas, the newsletter wording, and the calendar! The fact that it plans 2 months in advance keeps me on task.”

    Courtney in VT
    Instant Marketing Program
  • “The Instant Marketing Program is a dream come true! It allows me to provide ALL of my digital marketing needs with a minimum of my own time invested. The layouts are very professional looking and fit the brand of our shop nicely. This is a no-brainer for people in our industry that understand digital marketing is a necessary aspect of a successful business. I love the MailChimp import function. Well done and easy to use/understand!”

    Mark in NC
    Instant Marketing Program
  • “We’re following the Instant Marketing Program to the letter, and it saves us an incredible amount of time. The content is ‘spot on’ – we’re getting great results already! And the new MailChimp template is fantastic!”

    Jamie in AR
    Instant Marketing Program

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