On The Road

…Again and Again…

After two years of planning, I’ve got some exciting news to share. Pat and I will be taking KB Consulting on the road and living in our new Airstream trailer for at least two years. We sold our home last week and found our new mobile home and the right truck to tow it very quickly. Recent days have been filled with learning all about the new 28’ Airstream and how to tow it. I think our brains may explode from all the new information.

We are really excited to begin our new adventure – one of the main reasons is that we will get to visit so many of you as we travel. Most of our travels will be in the far west, as we plan on finding the right place for our next home and exploring so many of the amazing places this country has to offer. We have many of you on our list already to visit, but if you want to be sure we stop by, send me an email and we will add you to our stops as we travel west.

Please let us know of places you think we should visit or stay on our journey, and if any of you have RV experience, pass along those tips- we are total rookies and eager to learn. We will start heading to Texas on about September 1st, where we will register our vehicles and become residents. We also have a big list of Texas shops to visit.

Thank you all for your support over the years. Without it we wouldn’t have this opportunity to travel and take our business on the road. We look forward to sharing what we learn from the shops we visit and continuing to offer our KB products and services.

Hope to see you soon!


  1. Ken,

    A trip down the Baja and a visit to Galleria de Ida Victoria, should be on your bucket list.

    Beautiful drive down from San Diego and I promise you will be well taken care of while in San Jose del Cabo.

  2. We just did a trip from Sacramento, CA to Kansas with our 27′ trailor. It was amazing. The White Sand Dunes in New Mexico was a highlight along with Arches National Park in Utah. And of course California is so beautiful from the North to the South. Let me know if Sacramento is on your stop.

    • Hi Katahy,
      Many of those places are on our list too! Sacramento will be on our list as we head toward Yosemite. Please remind me as you see us getting closer- it will be in 2019.

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