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How one employee made my experience exceptional

I have always wanted to explore the state of Arizona. Yes, I know that’s broad, but I’ve been fascinated by the unique terrain & topography. This year, that wish became a reality as I was lucky enough to be able to spend January and February there, exploring as much of the state as time would allow. One of the destinations I chose was the Lake Powell area which is near such great places as Monument Valley, Horseshoe Bend, and Antelope Canyon.

Antelope Canyon was high on the list, but because it is on Navajo Tribal Reservation land, you need to book a tour to visit. The booking process was uneventful, and even when I checked in there was nothing memorable about the offices and the people arranging the trip. Not that I expected more, but it seemed as though this was a busy company whose main focus was on getting tourists to the canyon and back.

We boarded the open-air jeep that was to take the 20 minute trip to Antelope Canyon and our Navajo tour guide was friendly enough, communicating the basic information you would have expected. The bus arrived at the destination, and he told us the rules, including what to do if we had ‘an emergency’ (there were no facilities), and asked if anyone was claustrophobic.

We entered the Canyon, and this is when I began notice how knowledgeable he is about the area – of course, he’s the guide. Everyone began taking pictures on their phones and cameras, but when the first flash went off he said ‘No flash’, and asked to see the camera. He immediately reset the camera so that it would not flash, explaining that flash photography would not work well in the canyon. Then he programmed it so that it would provide the best pictures and then took the time to repeat the process for the phone cameras as well. As the tour continued through the canyon, he told us little known facts, and pointed out the best photo ops, giving everyone a chance to capture the amazing light which filtered through the canyon walls. He even took vertical panorama pictures of each person in key areas of the canyon, making sure that each picture captured this magnificent place. I noticed that even though this guide gave this same tour day after day, his focus was on making sure each person in the tour captured amazing pictures of this totally unique place. His efforts transformed the tour into an interactive experience, as each person left with great memories captured properly to share with others and enjoy for years to come.

I know I’ve talked about how important great customer service is before, but I cannot stress how it can make or break a customer’s experience. Because this tour guide made the experience great, I left with fantastic memories of a place that is amazing. His desire to make sure each and every person on the tour captured the proper pictures and enjoyed their hike took the experience to a new level.

Do your clients leave your business with memories of a great experience? Could you make the time with them even more memorable? I’m really glad that this tour guide understood what was really important – not just the opportunity to see this wonderful place, but the chance to experience it in a way I will always remember.

Want a great experience when you visit northern Arizona?

Contact Antelope Canyon Tours – www.antelopecanyon.com. I’m sure you will enjoy it!

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  1. So true Ken. It’s about the experience, which is most important in my business. It takes time and even more time than many sales people care to take! I had a rep comment to me once with “How do you get anything done?” because of the time I take with people. I also believe in providing an experience.
    Great article! Gorgeous photo’s! And by all means thanks for this reminder!

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