Industry Pain

Final Part 5 of Our ‘Industry Pain’ Series

If you have followed along with our discussion about why people don’t do more custom framing, you know that studies have shown that custom framing is perceived  to be too time consuming, prices are perceived to be elusive and unknown and many feel that choices can be overwhelming. If that didn’t present enough challenge, then consider the this common objection to purchasing our products:

Customers  feel pressured to make the perfect choice.

Why? The study showed that because customers were framing something of high personal value and because the price to frame was somewhat expensive, they felt the pressure to make the perfect design choice. The pressure also grew because this investment will be featured in their homes or offices for many years to come. If the result didn’t match or exceed their expectations, then they would be reminded of this every time they looked at the piece!

Wow, that’s at lot of pressure! What I hear in that comment is that far too many stay away because they doubt their own ability to make a proper choice.

Until I read that, it never occurred to me that so many placed the burden of the decision upon themselves. I just assumed they knew that’s what our designers did- helped them make the perfect choice…but apparently, our role is not so clearly defined to most shoppers. They don’t understand that they are not supposed to be experts at designing a custom product. No wonder they are hesitant- they feel too much responsibility, we haven’t communicated how the process really works!

Now that we know that customers feel this responsibility, it is essential that we make it clear that WE are the ones responsible for their satisfaction. How can we do that? Why isn’t it being understood by most customers? How do we take out the stress of making a perfect decision?

Please share your ideas on how to remove this fear from our industry. Why do you think the fear still exists?

I hope this series has helped you understand the reasons why we are not busier. Now that we know, there is only one thing to do- work to change to perception of our industry. If we ignore what this study has found, we are destined to continue to serve less than 10% of all potential clients. If we meet the challenge and remove the hurdles, we have the opportunity to attract a lot more business.


  1. How many people give a complete “satisfaction guarantee”. Also how many are using visualization software? It seems like these options would work.

    • Great points Diane. If I knew my investment was guaranteed to be satisfactory, it would certainly reduce my stress. The ability to visualize what the end product will look like also helps remove the pain and makes the “perfect” choice easier to decide upon.

  2. I unconditionally guarantee all presentations- any framing will be replaced at no charge to take the fear of design out of the customer’s hands, for as long as the framer lives! I do enjoy a little levity now & then…

  3. If the custom frame shop has a physical location with walk-in business, the shop owners can remedy this situation in person. Otherwise, they can help with the purchase over the phone. Plus the walk in customer can see the frames in person which also helps settle their worries. A helpful and friendly custom framing shop owner will easily remedy this situation.

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