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Company Manual


For Framers! Our company manual saves you time by doing the tedious work for you. Get your company policies organized with this easy-to-use company manual that is customizable for your own business. This workbook will help you create a company manual that equips your team with the tools they need to build relationships with your clients. Change the way you & your employees view their time at work!

Design Philosophy Workbook


If you don’t know WHY you’re good at design, how can you teach your employees how to design a framing project? This easy-to-use manual puts your design philosophy into words. Instruct your designers on how to design creatively while adhering to your rules. If your customers only want to work with you, not your employees, you need to standardize your employee’s design skills.

Trained in 30 Days Manual


For Framers! Get your new employees Trained in 30 Days with this guide to training successful new sales team members. Our manual gives you progress checklists, training exercises and a day-by-day detailed program for building success through others. It includes ideas on how to train new hires, test progress, and teach design. If you want to grow your business and still have a life, the answers are right here.