Design Philosophy Workbook


If you don’t know WHY you’re good at design, how can you teach your employees? This easy-to-use manual puts your design philosophy into words. Instruct your designers on how to design creatively while adhering to your rules. If your customers only want to work with you, not your employees, you need to standardize your employee’s design skills. Our workbook will help you document your design philosophy so you can truly understand your talents and share that knowledge with your designers. Training your team to understand how to provide great framing design will give you the ability to provide even better service and to devote more time to growing the company. It’s customizable for your business – a sample handbook has been provided so you can easily change the styles, colors, and company name to suit your own organization & branding.

What’s Included?

  • Part One: How To Create A Design Philosophy Workbook:
    Digital version
    Practical information, design concepts and exercises
  • Part Two: Sample Design Philosophy Workbook:
    Digital version
    Customizable document you can use for your own business

Downloadable File: This product contains a digital file download. Products containing multiple digital files will be downloaded as a single .zip file which will need to be unzipped on the customer’s system. Document files will be provided in both .pdf & .docx formats.