Increasing Production Efficiency

Save your company money with improved workflow procedures

Do you need to improve:

  • Turnaround?
  • Quality of finished products?
  • Labor cost?
  • Team productivity?

Does your company have:

  • Projects being rejected by customers or having to be redone?
  • Inconsistent production standards?
  • Difficulty adapting to large order demands or rush orders?

Production Efficiency Programs by KB Consulting can help.

Companies doing a high volume of custom project production soon realize that the greatest opportunity for improving profits is found in controlling labor cost. When labor investment is matched up with workload and training programs support efficient procedures, companies produce profitable products.

KB Consulting’s production efficiency program offers busy custom production companies the ability to forecast workload by applying time studies for each phase of production so that incoming work can be graded according to workload difficulty. By forecasting workload, labor schedules can be arranged in advance so that over or under staffing is reduced.

In addition, our program analyzes the efficiency of your production workflow and layout, so that workflow is optimized. Finally, we help you document and build specific training programs for your production team so that consistency and quality control remain part of your culture. Scorekeeping and daily goal scoring are created to ensure ongoing team investment.

Jaclyn Acker, president of Chelsea Frames, says she appreciates the ability to forecast workload demand and adjust staffing accordingly which removes some unforeseen problems.

“There is a lot less stress on the team when someone calls in sick or takes a vacation. There is a lot more predictability and we can plan much better without risking a promise to a client that we cannot keep. Even rushing orders for clients needing work faster than normal is easier to accommodate. Living day to day with deadlines was once stressful but now much easier to manage and we have better team morale since we operate in crisis-mode much less frequently. Client satisfaction has gone way up since turnaround is now predictable and product quality is improved. It worked for our company!”

Jaclyn Acker, Chelsea Frames

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