Scorekeeping Programs

Setting the right business goals & properly monitoring their progress

Our Scorekeeping Program:

  • Helps you establish the goals for your company which will produce your main objectives
  • Creates measurement criteria which simplifies goal attainment
  • Develops the spreadsheets and measurement tool which measure progress
  • Helps monitor results and improve performance

How do you know if you are improving the parts of your business which reward you financially? The answer is you don’t – unless you measure them. If you want to understand how your business is really doing, you need to keep track of the details. Keeping score allows you to monitor your company’s sales performance, gives instant feedback on team performance, provides accountability, and gives concrete details in sales, marketing and production.

Setting the right goal is vital to improving your company’s performance. For example, your company objective might be to improve sales by 15%, but a vague goal with no action plan won’t be achieved. If your goal was to improve the average dollar amount of each sale you made and you developed strategies to make that happen, you very well could achieve a 15% growth in sales!

KB Consulting has helped dozens of small business owners identify and focus on the exact details of their business which will lead to better results. We create tools which help you measure and monitor aspects of your business which make the most impact on performance. Our scorekeeping program provides your company with simple, easy to understand goal implementation and tools to help you meet your goals.

“If you want to understand how your business is really doing, you need to keep track of the details.”

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Scorekeeping & Team Building Case Study

Now that a scorekeeping program is in place at Chelsea Frames in New York, President Jaclyn Acker shares about her experience: “Transparency in business is a key to making team members a part of company success and that using incentives and scorekeeping builds investment from others.”

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