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Ken Baur’s informative business success seminars

Cleveland, OH – Sept 11, 2017

Pittsburgh, PA – Sept 12, 2017

York, PA – Sept 14, 2017

Rochester, NY – Sept 18, 2017

International Moulding Open Houses

Ken will be speaking at a variety of seminars across the country.

International Moulding is  hosting a series of open houses in 2017. Ken will be presenting a new seminar, How To Be More Profitable By Selling More Premium Products. He’ll walk you through the fastest way to improve profits, and how to use premium products like Museum Glass to boost your average ticket. Profitability matters – learn premium pricing strategy, get the tools to track your premium sales, and lots more. For more information about Ken’s class topics, event schedule, and seminars, see below, or you can contact Ken.

Ken is available for speaking engagements across the country. In an informative presentation, Ken will share his business expertise and experience in successful retailing. He is an accomplished speaker; Ken has given numerous talks sponsored by Larson-Juhl and has taught for several years at the West Coast Art & Frame Show. For more information about Ken’s class topics, event schedule, and seminars, see below, or you can contact Ken.

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Cause Marketing

Harness the power of goodwill in retail by incorporating the benefits of Cause Marketing. Create publicity for your business, attract new clients, improve your image, and co-brand with a local organization for mutual benefit. This seminar is available for immediate downloading.

Building Equity

Learn how a prospective buyer evaluates your business – knowledge that’s valuable whether you’re selling your business or not. Find out how to fine-tune all aspects of your company, how to put a value on your business, and the three key elements essential to creating equity in your shop. This seminar is available for immediate downloading.

Building The Perfect Team

Learn the secrets for grooming your team for optimal efficiency and dependability. Ken discusses hiring tactics and programs to empower your team to help grow your business. You will learn what it means to lead a team by clearly defining a path, delegating defined responsibilities and creating accountability. This seminar is available for immediate downloading.

Make More Money In Custom Framing

Are you as profitable as you’d like? If you’re relying on your accountant to know exactly where your business stands, you may be missing out on the bigger picture. Few businesses combine retailing and manufacturing like a frame shop does. Ken will walk you through profit margins, pricing, salary costs, marketing investments, and much more and identify key challenges unique to the framing industry. You’ll find out which important areas make the most impact on your bottom line and what you can do to improve them. Make your business the best it can be by implementing the many practical ideas covered in this session. This seminar is also available for immediate downloading!

The Psychology of Selling Seminar

Learn how to sell your products & services to any customer! By identifying different types of personalities and understanding how your customer processes buying decisions, you can plan the best sales approach and sell more effectively. This seminar is available for immediate downloading.

2017 West Coast Art & Frame Show – Join industry expert Ken Baur as he shares the learnings gained from the Retail Boot Camp he conducted with Karon’s Frame Shop in Port Angeles, WA, and beyond. In this seminar, you will learn critical business tips for improving operations, increasing profitability, training salespeople, and developing a coordinated brand so you can matching your passions with profits. Investigate these essential tools for success and learn how to apply them for your business boot camp. This class is a premier retail training session for framers!

Praise for Ken’s Classes:

“Thank you! Your class was among the most informative, and was certainly the most well-organized I attended.”

John Horrocks
Blackbird Art & Frame

“Thank you! We really enjoyed the talk, very interesting to put it all together in a way that will help us communicate to different customer’s personalities to close the sale.”

Rachael and Millie
Concepts Custom Framing

“I attended your class in Vegas, and wanted to thank you! Very well done with great info. As a past High School Principal… I know quality instruction. In addition to everything else, you are a great teacher!!”

Curt Wheeler
The Frame Hut & Gallery