Stop Thinking So Hard

It’s interesting, I’ve only been actively helping other framers for a short while now, but something is already crystal clear to me. Most framers make decisions way too slowly. It’s most likely just as common in other industries, but I can only speak for this one- mental paralysis and procrastination are way too common.

I understand that undertaking a new service or incorporating a new piece of equipment needs to be analyzed and thought through. That’s very important to plan what the change is expected to provide. What I have difficulty understanding is the weeks that slip by after a decision is made to move forward or how long it can take to gather the information to make the decision.

One of the few advantages a small player in an industry has over the big players is the ability to adapt and change at will. Big companies simply cannot do this because of the layers involved in the change. When a small player forfeits this advantage by sitting on a key change, it really gives up something very valuable.

More than ever, doing business in this world means being willing to change and adapt to changing buying patterns, economic conditions and a whole new set of advertising strategies. Over-thinking or delaying a move that should be made is hurting more small businesses than it should. Embrace the change, try new ways of getting customers and measure everything you try.

Not moving forward means dropping out of the race in today’s market.

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