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There are many things you can do to improve business performance. You can add services or products. You can work on increasing your average ticket. Choosing a strategy to build business is an important step because it narrows your focus on one or two areas of concentration.

Although there are many strategies you can choose to build business, I think there is only ONE way to ensure the success of the strategy you choose and that is to commit to measuring your progress. Tracking your progress is the only way to know how well you are doing. It’s just like when you are trying to lose weight or get better at a sport. You set goals, record where you are starting and how you are progressing.

Without recording results, you have no idea if you are progressing, how fast you are progressing, or if something needs to be changed to get the results you set as goals. If you can’t recite exactly what your goals are and exactly where you stand on the road to achieving them, then you are not tracking them closely enough. If you are not tracking them closely, chances are you won’t achieve them.

Measuring your progress is a great way to ensure the success of your strategy to build business.

When you need to improve the performance of your entire team, it’s ideal if your goals and progress can be posted where everyone sees them often. Doing so keeps them fresh in everyone’s mind and focuses team attention on what is most important. Remember to celebrate the progress you make as a team and re-focus efforts when you aren’t progressing enough to meet your goals. Decide on two ways to improve business. Record how well you are currently doing, set goals and track your progress each month – you’ll be amazed how it works!

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