WCAF 2018 Seminars

It’s Time To Plan Your Trip To Vegas!

THANK YOU! Our Northeast Open Houses were a success. This month I was able to spend some time with many framers in Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Rochester. Thanks to International Moulding and to Tru Vue who sponsored the seminars and to all who showed up for these events.


West Coast Art & Frame Show
January 21-24, 2018
Las Vegas, NV

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Believe it or not, West Coast Art and Frame 2018 is almost here. The dates for the national conference are Jan. 21st – 24th and you can register for the show by clicking here. If you’ve never been to WCAF, I recommend the trip. The education, vendor booths, and time with other framers is a great way to jump start your new year. This year Ken will be introducing another new seminar called Competing in a Changing Industry – The New Model for Success, which will focus on the changes taking place in our industry and what will be required to successfully compete. This seminar will examine new opportunities for producing framing products, discuss ways to find more customers, and methods to grow more business.

We will also be presenting Creating the Perfect Team, a look into how to be an effective leader and create a team culture in your business. In addition, we are bringing back Understanding Your Customer, which looks into the psychology of selling and how the human brain makes buying decisions. Finally, we will be offering the always popular What Your Accountant Hasn’t Told You About Making Money in Custom Framing, a look into how to operate a more profitable business. I look forward to teaching these classes and seeing many of you again.

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