West Coast Art and Frame Show 2017

Observations From The Conference

Another WCAF Show has come and gone. It is always interesting to observe the changes each year brings. This year I noticed that many new, young people are entering our industry. Several attended the classes I taught and they seemed to be very eager to learn about the business aspects of their new companies. I see that a shift to learning about the operational aspects of running a small business is continuing as owners understand the need to monitor profits and well as grow their creative talents. This desire to learn more business skills is very encouraging for the future of the custom framing industry.

Retail Bootcamp

The highlight of the show for me was teaching the Retail Bootcamp class which recapped the second makeover I have participated in on behalf of Tru Vue®. The contest winners, Larry and Rene’ Bauer of Port Angeles, WA, participated in the class and told nearly 100 attendees about their experience in improving profitability, growing average ticket, developing a new company brand and adding a new website. This real life example of what can be done to grow a stronger business provided a very realistic opportunity to learn about how these changes actually work.

A big Thank You to Tru-Vue for making it possible for me to work directly with these contest winners and also create great teachable moments based on the results of these contests.

KB Consulting Has A Brand New Website

Speaking of new websites, our new KB Consulting site launched just before the show. Check it out! We’ve added all kinds of new features and made searching past articles and information much easier. We’ve also added some new downloadable seminars so now you can enjoy them immediately.

Our goal was to provide our clients with a resource and knowledge base they can use 24/7 to build their business, grow profits, improve marketing, and manage their teams effectively.

Please let me know what you think.

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