Client or Customers?

What Do YOU Have?

Ever thought about the difference between customers or clients? You might think there is no real difference, that they mean same thing. But you would be wrong. There’s a huge difference, and understanding that difference opens the door to building lasting relationships that create true loyalty.

CUSTOMERS are people who only engage in a transaction. They select an item, step to a register, pay and leave. CLIENTS are people who come to a business for more than a product. They come for information and insight they need to make a decision about the purchase. The information they seek will help them make the correct buying decision. They must “lean” on the business for the correct information. In return the business becomes “obligated” not only to offer the correct information, but also provide the solution.

WOW! If you’ve never thought of it that way before, it really sounds heavy — and it is. The beauty of it is that this obligation placed on the business gives us the permission we need to continue service until the need is satisfied. Understanding this relationship is the key to great customer service. It gives business people the right to follow-up and continue to pursue the sale until we satisfy the needs of the client or until they say they are no longer interested.

Knowing your responsibility in a relationship with a client gives you and your team the direction they need to help those who lean on you. Gaining this knowledge clarifies your role in the relationship and allows you to become focused on solving the needs of your clients. It’s vital for relationships and great for business.

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