What Makes A Website Effective?

Key things to Creating a Website that Grows Business:

Without a doubt, the single most important marketing tool for your business is your website. Think of it as the window display to your business – it is the first impression you make on most potential customers today. If your site doesn’t match the service and quality level of your company, you will turn away many interested prospects. Here are four key things to creating a website that grows business:

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  1. The site must be easy to find. If your business doesn’t show up in the top three local searches when you search for custom picture framing using Google, Yelp and Bing, then you need to improve your search engine optimization. SEO effectiveness is an ongoing marketing battle because the rules keep changing. This is an area best handled by the person who created your site, but you should be the one to make sure it is working. Check your positioning at least every three months and meet with your web designer if you are not in the top three.
  2. The site must be client-focused. Of course, you need to make hours, location and contact information easy to find, but the vast majority of content on your site should be about the clients who use your service and why they use it. Featuring the benefits your clients receive when they use your service is the most important thing you can talk about. Readers don’t want to hear about your company, they want to hear about what you can do to make their lives better.
  3. The site should be very visual with images which show instead of lots of content that tells. Too many words turn off browsers. Images which illustrate the products and services you offer tell a much better story.
  4. The site should be current. Just like your front windows, you must change up your website content on a monthly basis to keep it fresh and current. There are great stories about client projects happening every day in your business – share them!

One last thought – monitor the analytics of your site. If you don’t know if site visits are increasing or which pages are visited most, you can’t make the correct adjustments. It’s free to access your site’s analytics and extremely important.

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