What Message Are You Sending?

Make sure you are communicating Your brand Properly!

As many of you know, I’ve spent the past year traveling from city to town in the western United States. Although most of my career involved travel, it was much different when I would fly into an area. Traveling by truck at a much slower pace really allows you to see the small details of American towns.

After one year, it is clear to me that many small retail businesses do not pay attention to the details that matter. They have stopped seeing the reality of what they are saying to those of us who do not know them, but might consider their services.

“The key to communicating is understanding what you do better than anyone else.”

Although I have seen many shops which do a good job of presenting their businesses, most shops fall into the trap of assuming that everyone is clear on who they are and what they do. Let me assure you that this is NOT true. If there is one clear problem with the retail shops in America, it is their inability to portray a clear brand. Many times it is not even clear what they do. In fact, it could well be that they are not sure, because they do so many things.

The key to communicating is understanding what you do better than anyone else and then find the simplest way possible to tell the public. If you don’t know what you do better than your competition, then you cannot communicate it and will probably confuse potential customers.

Another suggestion I have is to stop entering your business through the back door each morning when you come to work. Instead, enter your shop from your main entrance and try to see it through the eyes of your visitors. Too often, clutter and confusing messages dominate store entrances. Fixtures and displays are old and dirty. If this is the first impression of your shop, its likely to set some low expectations of the services you offer. If the signage that announces your business to the world looks run down and dated, that is the impression you will send to the public.

America, it’s time to take another look at the message you are sending to those of us visiting your towns. Tell us in simple terms who you are and why we would want to use your services. Make your storefronts inviting and interesting. I bet a lot more of us would enter and do business with you.

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  1. Love this simple message. I have been in business since 1983. I recently hired a signage/marketing co. to look at my shop. They made great suggestions which I will be following in an effort to update and clarify our message. Frequent window changes are very effective. We have people walk in to tell us how much they enjoy our displays.

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