Who Are You Talking About?

Make Sure Your Website Talks About Your Clients

Disappointed with the number of visits to your website? Wonder why people don’t revisit it? It could be because they find you boring. If  you fill your site with loads of stuff about how great your company is, chances are nobody really cares. It’s not something most people find interesting.

Want an interesting site? Focus on the people you want to visit your site. Feature and talk about your clients instead of your business. Talk about the people who buy your framing. Tell the stories behind why they frame and show pictures of what they framed.

Better yet, let them tell the story. You can bet they’ll include some flattering remarks about why they chose your service to frame their valuables. There’s a story behind almost everything people frame. We make people happy everyday with the products we make. It’s the perfect storm for great content that people will look forward to seeing. Not only do clients like to read about themselves, they’ll often refer your site to friends and family and that means more web traffic.

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