Why Blog?

Why do you need to blog about your business? Why would clients be interested in the kinds of things placed in blogs? Can they help your business? All good questions. Social media just seems like it’s full of little have-to-do’s that have unclear goals. Think of a blog this way:

When you meet someone and you want to begin a good relationship, you do more listening to that person than talking. By doing this, you encourage the person to talk about themselves and they are likely to enjoy speaking with you.

That gets the relationship off to a good start. In business it works the same way. If we listen to our customers it almost always leads to a positive relationship.

But no relationship is completely one-dimensional. If all you ever did was listen to your spouse or friends and never shared anything, that relationship would never flourish. That’s the purpose of the business blog: it offers the other side of the relationship for those who are interested. Not everyone who uses your business will be interested in learning more about those that service them, but many will.

The blog part of the Framing Concepts website is our second most popular page! I guess a lot more clients are interested in growing relationships than most of us would have guessed. In this large impersonal world, many clients are seeking to do business with companies that understand how to build solid relationships and a blog can help you do this.

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