Why E-Marketing Works So Well For Framers

Framers know the grim industry stats. Only a very small percentage of people buy custom framing. This means that very few people want to hear our marketing message.

When your message is ignored, you don’t stand a chance of being heard, because you aren’t even given a chance. That makes it very hard to gain new clients if you choose traditional marketing methods to grow your framing business. Nobody wants to hear you…..

It sounds bad, but really there is a hidden advantage to what we do. When you understand it’s power, you can use it in a way few other industries can.

People who buy custom framing enjoy what we do for them. I know this sounds simple, but think about it. Few businesses can boast this claim. Who enjoys a visit to their accountant or dentist? Who looks forward to visiting their car mechanic?

Framers are entrusted with taking the most cherished mementos of people’s lives and transforming them into well-preserved displays clients enjoy looking at everyday! We produce something people can’t wait to get. We give them something that always makes them happy.

This provides us with the envy of every other business- the ability to tell stories about our business that others love to read and share. It’s a perfect storm for providing feel-good moments, and it is available to us everyday of our business lives!

So how does this tie into building e-marketing? Because the success of e-marketing (website visits and email responses) is tied directly to the number of people of DESIRE to read it. When you tell interesting stories about those who enjoy and benefit from your service, people enjoy reading it. When they enjoy reading it, they visit your website and subscribe to your emails. They even tell others about it because they rarely find e-marketing content that is focused on them.

So, stop worrying about the limited number of people who are candidates for custom framing. The simple fact is that the market for making people feel great about their purchases in unlimited! Start telling the stories of why people love what they get from you. Talk about why they framed and soon you’ll have new clients wanting the same feel-good moments.

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