Why Every Business Should Market For A Cause

Grow Opportunities by Creating a Socially-Conscious Brand

Cause Marketing is aligning your business brand with a popular not-for-profit. There are many reasons this type of marketing is very positive and effective in growing more customers. By giving back to the community that supports your local business, you open opportunities to influence more potential customers and create a socially-conscious brand.

By choosing the right not-for-profit to align your company with, you also adopt part of their brand and grow a much larger appeal to your customer base. Cause marketing should be a part of every business, large and small. Although it takes time and effort to find the right cause and dedicate service to that cause, it can offer huge benefits including these:

  1. Supporting a worthwhile cause allows your business to be part of a larger vision of common good. Making money in business is important but there should be more.
  2. By becoming supportive in ways above financial contributions, your company can offer actual service to these organizations and affiliate your brand with theirs. This relationship creates an image many in the community will want to support.
  3. Allowing team members to use company time to serve and become more familiar with this organization creates a value that goes a long way to building team loyalty.
  4. Inviting your clients to participate in serving and supporting this cause lets them be part of a platform they value and also creates a stronger tie to your company. Tom’s Shoes is one example of this. The company used a bare-foot day promotion to draw attention to the many children in the world without shoes. Company customers participated in the event to show their support of a cause they believed in.
  5. As goals are reached in the non-profit due to your service and support, your team gains by seeing the positive results and the power of investment.
  6. Co-branding also widens your marketing efforts when the non-profit credits your support to their own clients, often resulting in new customers for your business.

Start looking for a compatible not-for-profit that could benefit from your involvement. Meet with them to discuss how you can specifically make a difference in their cause and then promote those efforts. The results of a well-planned partnership can be very rewarding for everyone involved.

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