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Instant Marketing Program

It takes a tremendous amount of time, creativity and energy to create on-going, effective marketing. Proper marketing is the key to growing business, yet so many custom frame shops have difficulty creating a marketing plan and implementing it month after month. Our Instant Marketing Program takes the planning and the worry out of your monthly marketing. Now there’s no more excuses why you can’t send consistent, effective communication to your customers. Why Instant? Because all you have to do is cut & paste the monthly content into any form you wish – an e-newsletter, blog or social media post. You can have a complete MailChimp newsletter ready-to-send in just a few clicks!

When You Use The Instant Marketing Program, You…

  • Save Time: Your competitors are taking their precious time on their marketing, but you’re already back to work on what you do best: framing!
  • Look Good: our marketing products have been professionally designed, so you know that your marketing is going to look good, every time.
  • Get Results: Consistent customer communication will help you grow sales and increase business.

exclusive market for the instant marketing program

Reserve your own 30 Mile Radius of Exclusivity

You wouldn’t want the same newsletter as your competition next door, and we wouldn’t either. Every participant gets a 30 mile radius of exclusivity so no one else near you will be using the same marketing materials…but that means certain markets are very sought-after. We expect signups to go rather quickly, so get a jump on your competition.

Effortless MailChimp E-Newsletter Content

The Instant Marketing Program provides ready-to-go content for your monthly marketing. For MailChimp users, it’s even easier – the process can be done in just a few clicks of the mouse. Each month you’ll receive a template that can be imported into your MailChimp account. This template has all of the content  included – text and images – styled, laid out, and ready-to-use. All you have to do is swap out your logo and you’re ready to send off your campaign in a matter of minutes.

It’s easier than ever to create great marketing!

mailchimp template for instant marketing program

MailChimp Is…

  • Affordable: MailChimp is FREE for users with list sizes under 2,000
  • Easy: arrange content with MailChimp’s intuitive drag n’ drop interface
  • Simple: import our template with one click!
  • Automatic: autopopulate address & social icons with the info in your Account Settings

All You Have To Do Is…

  1. Log in to your MailChimp account.
  2. Import the template by clicking on the template link provided in our email.
  3. Create a campaign using the imported template.
  4. Change the placeholder header with your own logo.
  5. Send the campaign!

See how easy it is to use? Now there’s no more excuses why you can’t send consistent, effective communication to your customers. Claim your spot and get a jump on your E-Marketing.

instant marketing program newsletter sample

Why Use our MailChimp Templates?

  • LOTS of Content: This image is just a small sample of the content you will receive. All content is imported with one click.
  • Save Time: No more worrying about content creation each month.
  • Images: You can add your own pictures or use the provided images.
  • Multiple Content Formats: In addition to the MailChimp template, you will receive a Plain and Styled Word document that you can use as a newsletter or copy & paste into your blog, website, or social media.
  • Additional Topics: we provide secondary topics that complement the main content – you can use or change as you see fit.
  • Header & Footer: Contains a replaceable logo and required footer contact information

instant marketing case tsudy

An Instant Marketing Program Success Story

Scott and Jamie McGowen own and operate 3 busy frame shops, which means that it is often difficult to find the time for marketing. KB Consulting’s Instant Marketing Program gave their marketing plan structure and saved them time.

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