Why WCAF Works

With the demise of the Decor Trade Show, it would be natural to wonder if the West Coast Art and Framing show will soon meet the same fate. I don’t think so. In fact, I believe this show will continue to grow not only in attendance, but in importance to the industry.

Why? There’s never only one reason why something succeeds when another fails, but it usually has a lot to do with filling a need. No one takes the time and money to support something that doesn’t benefit them. So it’s safe to assume that framers found more benefit to WCAF than other shows. The biggest difference between WCAF and other national framing conventions was education.

Learning and improving business has always been a major attraction at WCAF. The classes hold a real value for attendees that when paired with vendor offerings still provide a benefit worth the time and expense for framers. WCAF show organizer Debbie Salmon and her team have used their understanding of what framers want to grow something that attracts business even in the hardest of times. This lesson is a good one for all of us. Customers won’t support something that doesn’t directly give them what they really want and need– no matter how much they like us. No one wanted the Decor show to go away, everyone knew it was better for the industry if it stayed– it just didn’t offer enough to attract supporters.

That’s the key to growing business. Listening to what clients really want and then finding the best way to give it to them. No matter how tough it is to do business, people will always support the things they feel they need.

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